Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 9

It is time for Tea. Keith had been asking me for a good half hour for tea. He loves it! Jeffrey was going to be walking in the door from working late, so I thought I would have a hot plate of food ready for him, along with some "tea" or cocoa as it really is.

After jumping on the bed for a good ten minutes, I was informed that it is Night-night time. Keith climbed under the covers and insisted I put Faye under the covers next to him. He kept giving her kisses, and it was so cute! Unfortanatly he stopped each time I tried to get a picture, and he would pull faces unintentionally or turn his head right when the picture was about to take.

My question is how does everyone else seem to get such great photos of their wiggly toddlers? Every time I see something that would be a cute picture, my son turns at the last minute, or pulls a funny face, or starts to say something, thus ruining the "perfect" picture. But I do get a lot of candid shots of him, so I guess that is good too.

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Emmy said...

The answer is constantly shoot. If you say something to him to get him to look, do what you want they probably won't.. so you just have to shoot shoot shoot and hope you catch it :)

It is still a cute picture, and look at Faye she looks so big already!!

Love that first picture, looks so wonderfully fun!