Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 2

What is childhood without a blanket fort? After Keith's nap we made a story tent and read under there until I needed to get dinner started. But by that time, Jeffrey got home from work and took over the story reading. Bedtime was horrible, because Keith wanted to sleep in the fort, and everyone knew that it was merely an excuse to stay up later. But it was fun. And left up for another day so Grandma could play in it too when she comes over tomorrow!


Emmy said...

Forts truly are fun. My kids are always wanting to build them.

Chris said...

Forts and tents. This really takes me back to when my kids were still small enough to construct an elaborate tunnel system, through the whole living room.
It's like playing in a card board box -- I'm not sure why it's so cool, but I know it is.