Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 7

Cleaning cleaning and never getting anywhere.

That is what it has felt like recently. Getting the house ready to sell, while being in an anti cleaning funk and having a two year old who loves to make messes has left my house very neglected. Even while trying very hard to get out of the funk.

This is my kitchen by the end of the day. Notice the dishes are washed. Just nothing else.

This is my bathroom. We have been stripping the wallpaper. It is a tough job. the wallpaper does not want to come off. But when we finish and paint the walls and ceiling, it will be magnificent!


tinahead81 said...

oh gosh, i know that feeling!! after i clean up one mess, david makes sure it doesn't stay picked up or clean for too long!! its frustrating! can't wait to see the bathroom!!

Emmy said...

Oh that wall paper so does not look like fun. Good luck!

Keri said...

I feel for you. I've taken off plenty of wallpaper in my house. It's by far the worst part of a remodel, but hang in there I bet your bathroom will look great just like the rest of your house. I've always loved your living room colors, you have such a good sense of style. Good luck!