Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 1

I took the challenge of documenting my days with a photo for every day. Since my life is basically the same every day, this could be much harder than I thought. However we are off to a good start, as today is my anniversary! Three years I have been married to the greatest man in the world. To get ready for our date tonight, I let the house go, and did a little primping of myself to impress my hubby. Funny thing, he didn't even notice. Men. They never notice anything, do they?

1 comment:

Chris said...

Men, you can't live with us, you can't legally shoot us. we are a bit myopic and single minded at times.

I'm thrilled that you have decided to participate in this little project, and I would say don't worry if your life is basically the same every day. Take the mundane shots, as well as the exciting ones. When you're done, you'll be amazed at how rich and rewarding your life is. Life is lived in the daily and routine experiences, and we come to love and appreciate those dependable experiences more than we realize.

Glad to have you aboard!